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Hanuman Kavach. Kanak Dhara Yagna. Rudram Chamakam Yagna. Shree Yantra Pendant. He is organized, deeply rooted to his tradition, a man of word and commitment, this is Dr J N Pandey for you. Hailing from a traditional family of pundits no doubt he took up astrology and emerged as an eminent astrologer.

Vedic Astrology and Vedic Counseling Courses | Sivananda Yoga Farm

His thesis for Doctorate research was on Astrological Computations for non-luminous planets. His urge for delivering best customer care and passion to follow the tenets of ISO quality standard has made www. Under his meticulous leadership, Cyber Astro has achieved great heights since inception.

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Even after huge success, his passion for expanding Cyber Astro is still on fire. Dr Pandey is looking after variety of roles with the organization in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer and Chief Astrologer. He is considered as the back bone and brain behind the success of all ecommerce websites dealing in Astrology and Technology business of Cyber Astro Limited. With an LLB and M.


Com degree in hand, he went out to explore the world. This was the time when he was also fascinated by astrology. In order to pursue his new found interest he learnt Jyotisharnav from Bangla Pandit Parishad and is one of the most experienced astrologers with 25 years of experience in this field.

He is exclusively associated with Cyberastro since He is the astrologer among the entire team who specializes on the most popular Life Prediction reports and Future-O-Scope reports for our customers. Sorcer A perfect combination of superior public relations and technology, Mr. Sorcer is a prominent astrologer, practicing his expertise in the field of Vedic astrology since the year With a remarkable intuitive power and understanding of human nature, Mr.

Vedic Astrology, Jyotish, and Vedic Counseling

Sorcer in his own words is born to be an astrologer. He worked with an international media company for over a decade, but his quench to grow as an astrologer and to make the lives of people meaningful through proper guidance and prognosis, led him to take up Vedic astrology as a full time career. He obtained certification in Jyotish Kobid and is extensively involved in practice and research on Vedic astrology. He even masters other branches of Vedic Astrology like palmistry, graphology and numerology. Sorcer is exclusively associated with Cyber Astro and providing Live and Schedule consultation to Cyber Astro members from years.

He is specializes in almost all personalized reports and is known for precision and accuracy in his predictions. He founded Cyberastro Limited in with a vision that through internet it will be possible to provide healing services with the help of Vedic astrology, to every corner of the globe. In his own words, he discovered the power of internet in The same year he devoted 15 hours everyday to serious and professional study of Vedic astrology.

How Yildiz developed the course.

As astrology has made its thousands of years of journey of observations and researches on the basis of astronomical and mathematical calculations like many other modern scientific researches, moreover this is even older than MANY modern scientific discoveries. Let us look at a quick history of astrology : It is believed by many historians that several early civilizations including the Egyptians, Babylonians and others, developed completely deferent methods to predict the future through astrology.

But, one thing was common in all of them that, each system or method used the positions of stars and planets to predict the future. The modern astrology what we commonly use today has come from Hellenistic astrology, it was developed in and around the Mediterranean region, especially in Egypt in the late Hellenistic period in 4 th century by blending concept of both Babylonian and Egyptian scientists of that times. There are four main branches of horoscopic astrology. Horoscopic astrology is subdivided into main four branches of study:. This deals with the study of planets and their influence on human life.

1. An Introduction to Vedic Astrology

This is the branch of astrological study refers to the world affairs and events. This is the study of finding the auspicious and inauspicious timing of events. For example The timing of starting a business or the timing of getting married etc. Some people link it with tarot reading somewhere, because this is a kind of study where a questioner ask something and get their answer mainly on yes or no basis.

In a tarot reading, the reader uses the card as a tool and give an answer. But here in Horary astrology, you will get everything on the basis of mathematical calculations and in more depth than a tarot reader can give.

A very common question many people ask — Does Planet Really influence us? Now, many different perceptions of astrology are there throughout the history. Astrology is not the subject to make you fear, rather it shows you the direction to become fearless. Whoever is trying to make you fear anytime without reason just stay away from that person. It is just not acceptable. Yes, I am not saying that the placement of Mars in certain houses do not give any bad result, it does, definitely, it does. But, Marrying with a tree???

What is that? It is just absurd. What is the function of astrology in your life? What Astrology does, it gives you the opportunity to know yourself on many different levels by connecting to universal energy. It makes you aware that you are not only this part of physical existence. You are a part of this whole energy of creation, the world you see outside it is the mere reflection of your inner world. There is no difference between the outside universe and the inside universe, it is just Macrocosmic and Microcosmic level of existence respectively involving the movement of the planets of the sky.

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There is no place for superstition in real astrological scriptures. After reading the scriptures read other articles to enhance your knowledge, otherwise, you will always be confused in between what Ram is saying and what Shyam is saying and in result either you will start disrespecting this holy subject or will become superstitious. I will also cover some important points in my future articles and videos on, which book you should follow and which you should not to start with learning astrology and also go for more advancement in this holy subject. Keiko Ito, from Tokyo, started studying western astrology from a young age, and started with Jyotish in with her teacher, Komilla Sutton.

She regularly holds Jyotish-themed workshops at Sivananda Yoga Tokyo Center, is a full-time translator in four languages and a part-time Vedic astrologer with clients in Japan and Europe. He began his studies under Ronnie Dreyer and continues his studies under the guidance of Komilla Sutton. Sthapati Ganapati, a world renowned traditional architect of Southern India who relies on Vaastu principles in his projects.

He also holds a B. A in Humanities from the University of Chicago. The teachings of yoga have had a profound effect on my life, and eventually brought me to the study of Vedic Astrology. He founded The American Academy of Vedic Art and Science in , and is currently teaching the first Vedic Astrology Certification program through the Academy to more than 60 students. Differences between Vedic and Western astrology Karma and reincarnation Destiny and free will The 9 planets, the 12 houses, the 12 signs, the effects of planetary aspects The main yogas in the chart The constellations of the moon called Nakshatras The principles of chart interpretation — individual karma, samskaras and mental tendencies, personal duty, mission, work and spiritual path, individual health, potential diseases, weak areas, difficult periods, and ayurvedic constitution Practical examples of chart analysis The yogic remedial measures — counteracting the negative effects and strengthen the favorable effect of the planets.

Jyotish Beginners Course Take advantage of this unique opportunity to study Vedic Astrology for Beginners in an easy to understand but comprehensive course. Vedic Counseling Course The Vedic Counseling course is designed to help serious Yoga teachers, Ayurveda practitioners and Vedic Science practitioners to acquire additional and practical skills to better serve their students or clients on the path of positive living and high thinking.

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