January 13 2020 transit of mercury astrology

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During the period of testing the pressure will increase to match the deep volcanic nature of Pluto. The structures may pass the test if they are strong and truthful.

Venus-Sign Table & Transit Dates () | Find my Venus Sign

As much as those events could be painful, it is important to realise that they are the action of cosmic necessity that ensures the health and survival of the bigger system. They are akin to the principle of Darwinian selection — taken to the global and societal scale. The history of the turbulent 20th century began with a triple conjunction due to Saturn and Pluto changing between direct and retrograde movement.

The dates of exact conjunctions were:. The world was never the same — the humanity witnessed the emergence of the global warfare turned into a meat grinder by the ever efficient industrial forces. The recent ending of the Second World War and the emergence of the modern world as we know it. The United States drop nuclear bombs on Japan and the nuclear race begins. A short but severe recession hit the US between July and ended in November The emergence of the Internet forced the world economies into a new phase of wealth generation based on everything remote: remote production, remote exploitation, remote purchases and remote souls of the social media.

In the current time we witness some rather serious challenges to the current societal and political systems build upon post-WWII principles and mentality:. As a separate topic, foundational tensions between India and Pakistan are currently running at peak levels, already resulting in loss of lives and limited military actions. The next triple conjunction due to Saturn and Pluto changing between direct and retrograde movement. The years may well be the period that will mark the beginning of significant changes of the world order. It may not necessarily be a war period akin to — but could be an equally groundbreaking technological revolution — the moment of singularity when significant advances in nanotech, biotech and artificial intelligence will change the world in ways that are beyond our current knowledge.

Before reaching the moment of exact conjunction, both Saturn and Pluto will change their direction between retrograde and direct, twice. This will create the infamous Saturn — Pluto squeeze and grind effect when the conjunction will be loosening up between April, 24 and October, 3 only to get an extra force for the final squeeze of the months October, November, December and January. The exact conjunction will take place on Jan 12, Note the similar second squeeze will take place between the months of May and October of during the process of separation between the two planets.

How will the world will look then, it makes us wonder? Learn how to discover the timing of Saturn — Pluto conjunction using the Chart Event Explorer tool that is an integral part of Time Nomad astrological app.

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Chart Event Explorer allows to instantly reveal and explore nearly any astrological event:. Thanks for the data and the interpretations. A lot is going to depend, it seems, on who wins the United States election, a hot headed megalomaniac or someone with a more level head. This is both a demarcation between cycles of control having to do with nuclear weapons and also the start of a new generation. The Nuclear Generation? Fate is fatal, but destiny is destination.

I like your pointing out India Pakistan. Hopefully it is a political illusion that the lines of communication are frayed now. We need to get the charts of Putin and Trump in here, as well as the mundane charts of Russia and the US nations. Complex stuff, but if we do not analysis it, who will? All good points Mark. There is a good amount of markers literally everywhere that raise many questions. Also of note: is the year of the Roswell Incident with regards to alien plutonian?

I live in Poland and I have to say that a lot is going on in Poland and Europe right now. There is general chaos and more dictatorship. They do what they want, they steal, they rape, they murder and they get compensation for it. For us it is already a coup and war.

Planet transits in year 2020

In addition, the dominant dictatorship of corporations can be seen. Independent media are persecuted and closed so the rating is accurate. Thank you for these detailed explanations, they are so helpful! Both planets are slow and their actions span many months. Aspects to Mercury are of fleeting nature.

Great article. To add to my woes, I also have a fast approaching Saturn second return at 29 Cap. Apart from building a bunker. The cycle of Saturn is long, approx. The planet travels through the houses of your chart pretty much like a symbolic hour arm on a watch face. When transiting Saturn returns to its initial natal position, that moment marks a completion of that nearly 30 years cycle.

Like moving to next octave up. And by the way, fears is one of typical Saturnian challenges, especially when Saturn aspected with Mars. The best advice I had is to ignore fears and keep moving regardless. In the Greek mythology Kronos is the leader of the second generation of the gods that uprooted the rule of Ouranos Uranus , the god of sky.


Focus will be more towards health, as Mercury will transit in your 7 th house. Most of your energies will be diverted in taking care of own health and that of your spouse, too. Health-related expenditure will also shoot up.

Holding it Together! - Ketu in Purva Ashadha Sep 2019-March 2020

Fatigue and stress will set in and that will hinder career growth and also create disturbance in marital life. There will be lack of mutual understanding between you and your spouse, however, financial gains through in-laws are indicated, in this period. You will have an improved intellect but your increased hostility may tend to weaken your thinking capabilities. Therefore, it is advisable to keep a check on your aggressive side.

You will continue to face challenging times as Mercury will now move into your 8 th house, in Pisces sign, wherein it is debilitated. Thus, the overall impact on life, in this period, will be largely dreary. You will be faced with obstacles in both personal and professional life and unexpected problems might surface from time-to-time. You need to be particularly cautious of your finances. Keep a check on any wasteful expenditure and spendthriftiness, as it may cast a lasting impact on your financial status. You will earn well and you will spend well too, as Mercury will transit in your 9 th house.

You need to focus your energies in maintaining a healthy balance between income and expenditure to save well for the future. Most of the expenditure incurred in his period will be on items of household comfort or luxury, so make wise choices and spend on the necessities rather than going overboard with buying insane stuff. Long journeys, which would mostly be work or business related are also in the offing and will prove beneficial for your career. You will also have a religious inclination in this period. This will be a prosperous period for you on all fronts.

You will be able to get better gains with less efforts — be it financial or professional. Financial stability will come through both career gains and wealth accumulation through inheritance. There could be some issues in domestic life, but that will be sorted out with ease. Investments made in this period could yield good returns, but only when they are made with vigilance and after weighing all the pros and cons. Transiting in its own sign, Mercury will bless you with a favorable period full of success and harmony.

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Your intelligence and acumen will help you get good gains through professional endeavors and you will also have an inclination to take risks in career, which will prove to be beneficial. Family relationships will be cordial and social gatherings will be the high point of this transit period. Your financial status will enhance and you will be able to make profits through speculations, as well.

The Astrology of Year 2020

This will be a good time to explore foreign connections for better career gains. If you can build a robust career strategy, keeping in mind the global industry you might just get to liaison with a foreign client or partner to progress your profession in the right direction. On the job front you need to exercise diplomacy to get desired recognition in the form of increments or appraisals. Certain events, in this period could make you lose your sanity and you will be mentally and emotionally disturbed.

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However, support from family, especially from children and siblings will help you overcome these complex situations. Login Sign Up. Ask Question. Transit of Mercury for Leo moon sign natives.