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Aspect patterns involve three or more planets configuring in different ways. See also Aspect Patterns — Examples. The T-square aspect pattern is formed when points in opposition also form a square with another point or points. The pattern resembles the letter T when viewed in the chart. It is like the rarer Grand Cross see explanation below , but is missing the fourth point. The point opposite the focal planet, which is unoccupied, is nevertheless a sensitive point in the chart I tend to think of it as a ghost leg.

The point opposite Mars that would form a Grand Cross if it were occupied is, in fact, unoccupied, but is nevertheless an important, sensitive point. A T-square stimulates drive and courage, but also tension and conflict. The native can be very active and achievement-oriented, especially if this aspect pattern falls in cardinal or fixed signs, but much energy can be squandered in needless conflicts and frustrations. Cardinal T-squares can be very impatient, but also enterprising and initiating.

Fixed T-squares can be persevering, but also stubborn, unyielding, or they can hold on to problems and frustrations for too long.

Mutable T-squares can produce much restlessness, frequent whims, and frequent changes of mind, but can be very adept at adapting to circumstances. The focal planet Mars in the case of the sample chart is the point of great activity, overcompensation, and activation. Subconscious promptings are focused into the unoccupied area opposite the focal planet. It can be revealing to note the transits through this area — during these periods there may be important life events.

Sakoian and L. Acker find in the T-square the character of Saturn, and consider that this configuration gives certain obstacles and the necessity of overcoming them, and also a strong, vigorous, ambitious aspiration to act. Pressure and an appreciation of conflict are necessary here for resolving a planet in quadrature.

The energy of the T-square can lead to significant achievements. The T-square is a push to success. Sakoian and Acker remark that the T-square indicates immediate crisis situations, and this quality is strongly accented in cardinal signs or angular houses. March and J. McEvers state that in a T-square the opposition is connected with attitudes and the square with actions; as a whole, it is a dynamic configuration from which the native derives driving strength.

When the T-square is in fixed signs the native operates slowly, but is resolute; as a preliminary, he will always find out all the possible problems before taking action. A mutable T-square usually indicates obstacles of indecision and wavering. Kozyritskoj and M. A configuration of aspects formed by three trines, whose planet pairs connect together three points of a horoscope.

Tense or challenging aspects may be necessary to provide the motivation to develop or grow these traits.

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The native is self-sufficient in these areas of life. It is a harmonious and very stable configuration. To the person with a Grand Trine as the fundamental configuration in the radix chart and if the required abilities are in evidence , the vicissitudes of life are frequently not terrible, and external conditions help him to move ahead in life more successfully and faster than others, and moreover, with ease.

However, as M. Kozyritskaja and M. Levin observe, this is true only in the first phase of life; during the period from 24 to 30 years old there are inner pressures connected with the necessity for development and the embodiment of initial abilities and opportunities. The negative side of this configuration is that it is so stable that the person seldom ventures beyond the habitual.

The stability of the Grand Trine turns on its static character — the unwillingness to develop. A native is able to harmonize with external situations, or even find them easy, not having considered or resolved the problems involved. In charts of great people the Grand Trine is extremely seldom a leading configuration.

Yod in natal chart

But, as F. Acker remark, if a Grand Trine has Mars and Saturn, the problem connected to inertia and absence of motives for dynamic action does not enter. These researchers underline that to harness the potential of a Grand Trine it is necessary to be guided and to use it in creative self-expression and efforts directed on spiritual self-improvement, otherwise, it will stay idle. When analyzing a Grand Trine in a specific horoscope it is necessary to pay special attention to what signs contain the given configuration usually they are signs of one element — this will indicate the likely manifestation of the Grand Trine.

If one of the three points of a Grand Trine is in opposition to a planet, it gives the Grand Trine an opportunity to manifest more brightly. In such configurations the most important point of the Grand Trine is the point that has the opposition aspect; and the point opposing it reveals unrealized aspirations, the fateful area of a horoscope. This configuration is called the Kite see below. This is a quincunx-sextile-quincunx. It features a crisis of — and a need for — perspective, in which the energies of the two sextiled planets find difficulty integrating with that of the apex, quincunxed planet.

This dichotomy is not directly a conflict, rather a bewilderingly dualistic, seemingly irresolvable and compromising situation. It is a secret to be decoded, an intense dilemma, or a visitation from the Unknown. Allowing things to happen rather than seeking to steer them is what is called for here: yet, underneath, there is a new kind of adepthood which brings in a new form of control without holding on, if we can see it.

Sun-Mercury and Mars-Pluto are sextile one another. There can be much uncertainty with the quincunx aspects, which can certainly stimulate restlessness and a vague feeling that the native is missing something undefinable. With the quincunx, there is often a sense that one thing has to be given up in order to gain in the other area, that there are always difficult choices to make. The focal point in this case, Jupiter will be an area where big life lessons occur. The yod can be accentuated when an opposition is thrown in, with two semisextile aspects too.

The opposition forces the issue, and the apex planet then becomes very critical: what it represents needs to be consciously worked, owned, and integrated. A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four squares. A special case of the Grand Square is the Grand Cross. Grand Square — the most intense quadrangular configuration.

It encloses the person in a framework of severe constraints, which are perceived as pressing. The Grand Square gives a lot of energy which demands to be used, internal dynamism, insistence, force. Those with a Grand Square in the natal chart crystallize much very early. These are very dynamic people, but they manifest inflexibly in relating to the world. This is shown most rigidly in a Grand Square with two internal oppositions see the Grand Cross.

A more moderate form is the Grand Square without an internal cross. In this case there are no rigid tensions between the poles, there is less dynamism, and more flexibility. In general, it is not necessary to consider the Grand Square as a destructive configuration; on the contrary, it is a very stable pattern producing results through effort. A configuration of intense aspects, formed by four points of a horoscope which occur as pairs of oppositions connected by squares. I have only one yod but it is really weird and I hope I describe it correctly. Mars is in a 2 degree quincrux with Jupiter and a 2 degree quincrux with Saturn Jupiter and Saturn have a 5 degree sextile.

Mars is in my 12th house of Virgo Jupiter is in my 5th house of Aquarius and Saturn is in my 7th house of Aries. I do feel areas in my life that are frustrating and I hope I described this correctly. Any information or help would be much welcome! Jonathan, with Mars at the apex in 12th quincunx to Jupiter and Saturn, you could be pulled into challenging situations and at other times, when you are working on something with focus, you can get pulled away.

Yods can be frustrating but the rest of the chart may show how this energy could be handled better. A few years ago Pluto transit my nadir which oppositioned my Saturn and activated my yod the Pluto transit also squared my natal Pluto which which was conjunct my sun and ascendant.

I went through a very challenging time and almost died as a result. The experience forced me to face very intense anger and a deep fear that seemed like it went beyond just this lifetime, but was a thread through a number of past lives. Through intense meditation I cleared this from my system and I felt as if I cleared it from my soul.

From that point onwards my life has taken on rocket fuel in terms of my career as an alternative care provider. I think I needed to deeply transform internally before I can do my work. I would never wish my experience on anyone else but it was valuable for me because it forced all those old wounds to the surface to be healed correctly. Mandy, thank you so much for sharing this experience with your yod. It helps us all to understand how yods respond to transits. So basically with Saturn in the apex, you had deep seated fears that were frustrating you, and Pluto transit transformed it.

It is great that you used your pluto energy to dig deep and make changes. I am glad that you came out of it healed. When I figured out I had a Yod in my chart I got really scared, since the focal point is my somewhat afflicted Mars in leo in the 8th house about 2 degrees into it at that. The base of the pattern is an afflicted Neptune in Capricorn in the 1st house sextile my Moon in Pisces in the 2nd house. Neptune and Moon also form two grand water kites?

The afflicted Neptune is the spine, opposing my Venus and Mercury. More research always leads to an answer. Hi there — great article. Sextile between Sun and Moon. There are no other aspects with Jupiter in my chart apart from the YOD. Can you please shed some light on this YOD and what to expect.

I have a Yod with Vesta as the fulcrum between Juno and my north node. I would love to hear some insights into this. The asteroids are new to me, although I have always been very connected to powerful feminine energies. Thank you for this information. Hello, I have my apex in my cancer sun 11 house forming a yod with pluto in 4 house sagittarius and uranus in 6 house Aquarius. I guess it has a lot to do with change and transformation? It would be nice if you could help me!

Hello Sam, your Sun your body, your ability to shine in the world, your ego , will be radically changed over the years. When you have a yod, the planet in the apex which is the sun in your case, is at the midpoint of the other 2 planets, Uranus and Pluto. Sun at the midpoint of Uranus and Pluto shows that your ego will be altered due to drastic life changes.

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Uranus and Pluto are the planets of change and transformation. My whole life i felt that god was pulling me in a certain direction in my life, with the yod i got it proofed now! I am into selfactualization work and drastic life changes seem to be the reason for that. Thank you for your help! One minor correction, Malala Yousafzai was actually treated in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham UK and was given free education after her treatment at a private school in Edgbaston Birmingham.

Everything is so clouded and muddled. The 2 quincunx that are sextiling are: — Mars in Scorpio 1st house — Venus in Capricorn 3rd House is that conjunct my Sun, also in Capricorn. Terrible feeling. Hello what a great read on YODS and also the interpretation of comments…I wonder if you could give me an interpretation on my yod too…its been a struggle trying to get a feel for its meaning in my life..

My Yod has a Moon fulcrum at Transiting Pluto is at And Transiting Uranus at The worst possible bereavement hit me 3-and-a-half years ago. Nothing worse can happen. So do these two transits to my moon fulcrum suggest end-of-life for me? That would not bother me. Or am I to expect a nasty turn that I cannot even imagine? Very interesting article on yods! Jupiter is also sextile the moon Aries 5th which trines Neptune making a minor grand trine.

Never could choose a career, creative but difficulties expressing it. Hello Wonderful article!! I have a yod which seems extremely significant as the apex is Retrograde Saturn in Aries in the 10th house Conjunct Midheaven , Uranus 2nd house in Virgo and Neptune 4th house Scorpio. My Sun and Ascendant are Leo, Mars conjunct ascendant.

Any insight you may have is greatly appreciated: Thank you, Jessica. I start to understand the meaning of it in my chart and also for my relatives. If I may, I would like to understand a bit better this challenging aspect that I have feel all of my life. It makes a boomerang with vesta in Virgo, house 3. For what I understand for now, material needs and building is a strong issue for me. What would be the meaning that I should understand to overcome this energy? What would be a transit activating this energy?

If anybody can explain what it means to have a Yod with Cancer rising apex quincunx Mercury in Cap. Please help me decifer what feels to be a fated existence without real direction. I am in a neptune square neptune transit and have many unfigurables in my chart even though ive been studying a while. My ic scorpio and mc taurus 0. I am grateful for the time and effort in your responses. I am having difficulty finding information to understand a double stellium quincunx yod.

Jupiter 5th house Cancer is the point along side is Chiron. Kindly share any knowledge you can impart. Thank you. I met a man recently and very briefly on holiday in my town and he gave me his blog url. Strange thing was that the night we met I threw up all night. My very sensitive and intuitive and I felt his fear was the same as mine.

No one can be introduced. This comes from damage from a divorce and subsequent death of his ex, 17 years ago now. His kids are adults! I, on the other hand, have no contact with my family since I was the scapegoat and I had no choice but to cut the ties quite a few years ago now. I got his birth time and his moon conjuncts my sun and there is lots of other synastry. But strangest of all is the composite yod, with mars at 28 capricorn, mercury at 27 gemini and uranus at 0 virgo.

His natal chiron is also at 28 capricorn, so as bad as I feel, I feel worse for him. Strangely, his natal vertex is at 28 scorpio and mine at 28 pisces so both form yod to the composite fulcrum, mine terminating at 28 cancer, the composite antivertex, and his at 28 Gemini, conjunct our sun moon conjunction at 26 gemini.

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We are not speaking to each other currently as I declined to pursue a relationship where I would be actively excluded from the family, since I have no contact with my own. I have this configuration in my chart, too. Apex planet is R Jupiter in Scorpio in 8th house, and the other sextile planets are Venus in Aries, in 2nd house, and Gemini Moon in 4th house… And I am very confused because of this 8th house, I always find it as mystery house … and have hard time discover meaning of my Yod.

I just found out that I have 5 Yods in my chart that shar points and ultimately configures in the shape of a star so lots of squares in my chart. The two seemed unrelated. I have a Mercury in Taurus in 1st house Neptune in Sagittarius in 8th house Mars in cancer in 4th Please help me understand this. I have no clue what my karmic fate is supposed to be. I have a yod, and have experienced some very unusual life circumstances that have always been beyond my control. If you could offer me any clarity on the energies at play, or obstacles to overcome, because of my yod I would sincerely appreciate it!

I have a yod where the Folcrum or base of the yod is a late Pisces Ascendant. I have a late moon in Leo in 5th house and an Early Pluto in Scorpio in the 8th house sextiles each other and form the yod. I have just experienced its power over the past few years. I came out as gay a few years ago. Its been one Tsunami after another since January We are all hear to learn and this aspect forces one to learn very quickly.

The fulcrum is focused on myself, therefore the pressure is on myself. I will return home almost penniless, but with a wealth of knowledge, and love and support from relatives. That is what I have learned is most important, close friends and family. The challenge of my journey has taught the value of family, patience and resilience. Thanks for your answer in advance. I am also considered a retrograde human 4 natal planets in retrograde although none of them fall on my yod. I am trying to find a formula for calculating the possibilities in my life in regards to the patterns in my chart.

I have a fan pattern with a focal point of moon in Leo. I also had a yod pattern, where the focal planet is moon in Leo. The other parts of my yod pattern is Aquarius sun, and Libra rising. I have had a difficult life, full of homelessness, abuse, and near death situations. Though they proved to have meaningful purposes, I would like to put an end to the turbulent events…but they were always out of my control, hence yod.

I noticed, internally, that I have some issues in expressing my emotions and making critical decisions like my career: I am extremely talented in arts and academia but I am stuck in a rut and have been in poverty , hence yod. What do I do? Also, how do i figure out things like karma, life purpose, career, etc from astrology? I do not even understand half of astrology terminology but, like I said, with the way my life is and how I am I could be one of the Yod horror stories lol.

I have a yod with the moon 8th Aquarius that sextiles Mars 10th Aries and both of these form an inconjunct with Uranus at the apex 3rd Virgo. I have a few frustrating aspects of my life and it feels like a constant readjustment, especially in relation to work, when it feels like something good is about to start, only to either just limp along or cease. Something else seems to get in the way, which may explain how Uranus plays out in its apex. Transiting Mars has made a return to my natal Mars, which activates the yod. I actually have 2 Yods in my chart. They confuse me, but I feel them constantly at work in my life.

I wish I had more of an idea what areas they affect or interact in. Venus in 1 degree Taurus N. I have had a Kundalini awakening and I do feel this has quite a lot to do with it. I am a writer and I feel this may have something to do with my spiritual path. Hello, thank you for this article, it has helped me tremendously! So much great information here, thank you! How might these YODs be interpreted in an individual birth chart? If this is too much to ask, I understand and I am extremely grateful for any bit of information offered.

Thank you so Much! Best, Kendel. I have 2 yods: 1. Jupiter in Aquarius on 10th degree 12th house -Moon in Cancer on 8th degree 5th house -Neptune in Sagittarius on 8the degree 9th house 2. I have no idea what to do, how to do it or anything as whatever I plan, it by default, fails! I would appreciate it if someone gives me more insight into this situation and some tips how to break the cycle.

Hello ZK, your first yod between moon Jupiter Nd Neptune , with Moon in the apex of the yod shows that you will be put in situations where your moon emotions will be stirred to help someone in trouble, give charity, etc. With yods one is called to carry out the command from the Universe. The idea is to go with the flow and learn acceptance. It is easier said than done.

Thanks a million for the reply! Any significance there? I have a yod in my chart.

Yod in natal chart | Lipstick Alley

Actually the yod is the only special pattern in my chart. Is that weird?? I have a yod. Jupiter in Leo 12th sextil march in gemini 10th. The apex is uranus in capricorn in 5th. Thank You very much. Communication and thinking appear to be the lesson. As I have a moderately severe hearing deficit, communication is a challenge in more ways than one.

I most definitely relate to the fated feeling, and have experienced the ups and downs, and fated events, especially relationships. Any insight anyone has to offer would be greatly appreciated. Its like I have had many different lifetimes all in this one. Good information. I have 2 yods. Sun 26 Pisces in the third, inconjunct Moon in Leo 28 in the 8th and pluto at 23 Leo in the 8th. Sextile Neptune on the MC in 25 Libra. There is a new moon coming on August 27 which conjuncts my Moon and I am afraid of another crisis.

I had many upsetting things happen in my career also and wonder what this transit may mean. Hello, im sun in capricorn 5, moon capricorn 6, my yod is Jupiter cancer 5, quincunx venus aquarius 7, sextile mars saggitarius 4. Did i write it right? How can I interpretate the realtion between the sextile? Thank you in advance! Saturn Neptune conjunct in Capricorn in 4th house sextile Pluto on Scorpio in 3rd quincunxing midheaven in gemini.

I want to know your opinion on this. Thanks for the article and explaining it in details with the examples. With a yod like this, with the apex in the MC, the idea is that the Universe will bring people, opportunities, to propel you to a career. However, this may or may not be the one that you want. There is a feeling that you cannot control the direction of your career and sometimes there could be other events in your life that make it difficult for you to focus on your career.

Pluto and Neptune are generational planet, and so some of the situations could be due to environment rather than your personality needs.

Astrology - Understanding A YOD Configuration - Raising Vibrations

Should I be completely disappointed? Please help me. Please help me figure that out. I worry because when I was younger I was put in unfortunate situations and I have not been very lucky in life. However, I have been told my family members that I am born gifted and have unique abilities. But my gifts mean nothing because I constantly face obstacles after obstacles that stop me from doing great things.